disc® Pre-coat and dry-residue filter

/disc® Pre-coat and dry-residue filter

disc® Pre-coat and dry-residue filter

Loss-free filtration and high efficiency for perfect results

The disc precoat and dry-residue filter is driven from above with external bearing in sealed systems that can be automated op-tionally as surface ore pre-coat filter. All filter media are available. Filter cake dries with sealed inert gas circulation. Wet removal from pre-coat filters and dry removal from residue filter. Filter cake has a uniform structure.


  • Environmentally friendly and safe operation due to sealed system
  • Thanks to filtration of residual volume no loss of product filtrate
  • Cascade washing of the filter cake with minimum amount of washing fluid

Technical details

Application areas

Loss-free filtration and separation of solid materials with subse-quent washing process. Also suitable for absorption and extrac-tion processes. High efficiency for perfect results.