Inline magnetic separator

//Inline magnetic separator

Inline magnetic separator

A tubular separation surface separates magnetic solids from liquids. The separated solids are collected on the separation tube and discharged manually. The internal magnet carrier tube can be removed from the jacket tube for cleaning. The inline magnetic separator allows a high flow rate and low pressure loss in contin-uous operation. Thanks to the simple and robust construction, changing, checking and maintaining the separator and the filter is simple and safe to perform.


  • Modular design for adaptation to various processes
  • Compact and robust construction
  • For sterile processing installations
  • Long life time
  • As a low-maintenance and easy to service component for the construction of hygienic and sterile process facilities
  • CIP / SIP-compatible up to 160°C
  • For operating temperatures up to 160°C (higher operating temperatures on request)

Technical details