Inline rotation filter

/Inline rotation filter

Inline rotation filter

The inline rotation filter continuously separates solids from liquids. The vertical filtration element separates the particulates from the product flow. The filtration element may be a rotation filter or a filter cloth with different mesh sizes. The separated solids are trans-ported by the scraper to the bottom part of the filter where it sedi-ments as slurry. This slurry can then be removed from time to time. Removal may also be performed in a closed vessel. In the event of a blocked filter – due to difficult process conditions – the rotation filter can be back-flushed without any problem. The inline rotation filter allows for a high flow rate with continuous operation.


  • Modular design for adaptation to various processes
  • Compact and robust construction
  • For sterile processing installations
  • Long life time
  • As a low-maintenance and easy to service component for the construction of hygienic and sterile process facilities
  • CIP / SIP-compatible up to 160°C
  • For operating temperatures up to 160°C (higher operating temperatures on request)

Technical details