Inline strainer

/Inline strainer

Inline strainer

A tubular filter surface separates solids from liquids. The separated solids are collected in the filter tube and discharged manually. Should the filter element – as a result of demanding process con-ditions – clog at some stage, the inline filter can be back-flushed without any difficulty. The inline filter allows a high flow rate and low pressure loss in continuous operation. Thanks to the simple and robust construction, changing, checking and maintaining the filter is simple and safe to perform.


  • Modular design for adaptation to various processes
  • Compact and robust construction
  • For sterile processing installations
  • Long life time
  • As a low-maintenance and easy to service component for the construction of hygienic and sterile process facilities
  • CIP / SIP-compatible up to 160°C
  • For operating temperatures up to 160°C (higher operating temperatures on request)

Technical details