merkur® Nutch Filters

//merkur® Nutch Filters

merkur® Nutch Filters

Single layer filter for a variety of applications

merkur press filters are single-layer filters with a filling space in the form of a pressure vessel, suitable for insertion of a filter element (filter layer, filter cloth or metal composite screen).

With this you can separate and wash solid materials from suspen-sions after they have been precipitated or crystallized, or process pre-coat and dry residues.

Technical details

Application area

merkur Type EF Laboratory filter
merkur Type EFA Press filter with large filling volume for solid matter separation in batch operation
merkur Type EFD Press filter with small filling volume for clearing and fine filtration of large quantities of liquid

Technical specifikations

Size EF 6 – EF 200
Filter area 20 cm2 – 3.1 m2
Usable volume 0.3 l – 3200 l