orion® Multi-sheet filter

//orion® Multi-sheet filter

orion® Multi-sheet filter

Single layer filter for a variety of applications

orion multi-sheet filters are frame filters with square filter elements in a vertical configuration, with a choice of 13, 25 or 40 mm filter turbid frame widths. Hydraulic lock for compressing the filter package, double-action cylinder with automatic pressure control, pneumatic drive and control.


  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Protection for personnel and environment against toxic substances, solvent vapors or high temperatures
  • No emissions of hazardous substances (Technical Regulations for Air Purity)
  • The right filter for every application; special designs on request
  • Adaptability and performance, even for special applica-tions; various filter elements available
  • The ideal filter element for every application

Technical details

Application area

Separation of filter aids and solids; clarification and fine filtration, especially of products containing oils or solvents. Wide range of applications with high quality assurance.